David Hoffmeister


January 29, 2012 @ 8:53 pm

Glorious Nothingness

A talk during the Into the Mystic Retreat held at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah on emptying your mind and family relationships. Much of spirituality is about self-improvement, but when you go under the surface you inevitably reach a phase of disillusionment because nothing brings about a state of lasting peace. Even good intentions won’t get you there. The ego asked the first question, “What am I?” and it has asked every question ever since.  “What is it that I believe?” can be a helpful question. Questioning your beliefs and then cutting through your own self deceptions can be difficult, because they’ve been set up to trick yourself.  As you continue to expose the darkness, you find glory, grace and revelation. The hundreds of compromises people make every day just seem normal.  But they are anything but natural and normal. The natural mind is at peace; it doesn’t involve any kind of compromise or conflict at all. To completely escape from the world’s contradictions and compromises, you must empty your mind with everything you think you think and think you know. The way to be happy is through the emptiness.

You cannot have a self concept that involves family relationships and still reach enlightenment. God doesn’t have anything to do with family associations – spouses, parents, children, etc. Jesus is knocking on your heart and saying, “Beloved come home.”  When you start having deep meditations and direct experiences of God, don’t be like Lot’s wife in the Bible and turn back to these crazy family associations that God didn’t create because you will freeze like a pillar of salt, you will freeze into that self concept that God didn’t create – and it will hurt.  If we see in our mind that we have the power to drop the self concepts, they’re dropped, once and for all – and everyone’s blessed by that glorious idea.

Three keys to having happy relationships:

Undefined –As soon as you define a relationship, there comes a boatload of expectations. If you think you’re in or out of a relationship, you’re on the ego’s playing field.

Guided – If you’re in a relationship and you’re not in touch with guidance, it’s going to be hell. If you’re not guided by spirit you’re guided by the ego for sure.  The ego is not trying to guide you into enlightenment or happiness.

Collaboration – If you’re going to get into relationships, why not get into relationships where everyone’s working together for the same goal. You know you are in a collaborative relationship when you lose track and time and space and have fun when working on a project.

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David Hoffmeister
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