David Hoffmeister


David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister is a living example of the teachings of A Course in Miracles and self realization. He began his journey to spiritual enlightenment when he encountered A Course in Miracles in 1986 and recognized it as the tool he had been seeking for a radical transformation of his mind and perceptions. In the early years, he studied Course with passionate intensity, often reading it for eight or more hours a day. After two years of study, he was guided to join with Course groups, attending as many as five groups a week. Shy as a child, he was startled to find a Voice speaking through him with great authority, and many began referring their Course questions to him.

As he continued his study of the Course, David was delighted to find support and encouragement from the Voice of Jesus for his careful examination of every belief, concept and assumption in his mind. Jesus became David’s internal teacher, guiding him to hand over the day-to-day management of everything in his life. In 1991, David was impelled to make another leap of trust and to begin traveling around the United States and Canada, sharing his clarity of understanding related to the Course. He followed Jesus’ instructions to “become as a child,” allowing himself to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit for money, transportation, shelter, food and the right words to speak in countless Course gatherings, churches, spiritual groups and during a host of holy encounters with people knowing nothing of A Course in Miracles during his travels.

David has since traveled to 26 countries and in 49 states in the United States, sharing the experience of God's unconditional Love that is reached through forgiveness. He has been joined by a small group of individuals, the Messengers of Peace, who have joined with David one by one since 2004, traveling all over the globe sharing the Message of the Holy Spirit. David found it was his constant joy and peace that were his best teachers in all encounters, and that it was this peace and joy that all his brothers and sisters were seeking. He teaches from Enlightened Mind, shining the love of God wherever he is invited in the world. His gatherings are open discussions and he invites questions and comments from everyone who attends. His websites have a variety of inspiring, enlightening, free resources along with some of the most profound Course support materials on the planet. David’s global Yahoo mailing list group, AwakeningInChrist, has hundreds of archived messages written from the Holy Spirit as answers to questions sent in to David from around the world. YouTube contains hundreds of videos features David at various workshops and retreats. David’s teachings and his living example demonstrate the state of being & oneness Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven.

He invites you to join him in the love of God and rejoice. Write to David at david@livingmiraclescenter.org or visit the Living Miracles Center website at http://www.livingmiraclescenter.org/.

David Hoffmeister
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