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David Hoffmeister Podcast

Welcome to the David Hoffmeister Podcast. This podcast focuses on the practical application of the profound teachings of the self-study metaphysical thought system, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), as taught by enlightened Course teacher David Hoffmeister. The podcast offers practical guidance to Course students on how to apply the Course principles though plain language, personal experience, stories, music and laughter at David’s workshops, retreats and talks throughout the globe.

Many seekers of truth are drawn to A Course in Miracles for its clear, uncompromising presentation of ideas to achieve lasting peace, happiness and freedom through forgiveness and the remembrance of unconditional love. Yet these ideas can become elusive when it comes to practical moment-by-moment application. Problems, issues, and concerns seem to exist on so many levels.  Solutions attempted at these varying levels may seem to work for a time, but not for all times and in all cases. As one raises problems to awareness and releases limiting beliefs and definitions, one can experience the lasting peace that comes from true forgiveness and holding in mind the Holy Spirit’s single purpose.

We welcome you to join with us, and offer us your questions, thoughts and suggestions about this podcast, A Course in Miracles or David Hoffmeister’s teachings.

David Hoffmeister
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